School News 2017/2018


We would like to take this opportunity to wish Dylan, Jack, Millie, Nola, Thomas, Ashleigh and Andrew all the very best at Malmesbury School.

<strong>PIRATES OF THE CURRY BEAN</strong>

WOW!! Every year they get better and better!! A HUGE well done to all the children who entertained us all with this year’s production of Pirates of the Curry Bean. I am sure you will agree they did amazingly well to learn all those lines and songs in a short few weeks; we are so very proud of them all and hope that you all enjoyed the show!

Thank you so much to parents for supplying such wonderful costumes and to all the staff involved for their hours of work and preparation.

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On Thursday the children in Year 5, together with children from Seagry and Christian Malford schools, enjoyed a day at Braeside Education Centre. They took part in a variety of activities that included canoeing, high ropes and problem solving activities. We have heard a rumour that the girls canoe capsized! (although that must have been quite refreshing on such a hot day).

They all had a fabulous day and all children and staff arrived home exhausted and happy!

<strong>SPORTS DAY 2018</strong>

It was great to see so many parents, grandparents and siblings at Sports Day this afternoon and giving support to everyone.

Thank you to SHASA for providing light refreshments and ice lollies after the event, as always your support at events is very much appreciated.

<strong>PGL OSMINGTON BAY</strong>

On Monday morning the children in Year 6 together with Year 6 children from Seagry and Christian Malford went to PGL Osmington Bay near Weymouth for 2 nights (3 days).   They took part in many exciting activities such as raft building, quad biking, Zip wire, buggy building, robot wars, giant swing and fencing. They all enjoyed a good sing along around the campfire on Tuesday evening too.

All children arrived home on Wednesday afternoon very tired but had a great time together, they worked well in their teams and developed many skills.

We asked the children what their favourite thing was about PGL:

“I liked the quad biking, because I love driving things” – <strong>Dylan</strong>

“My favourite thing at PGL was the quad biking” – <strong>Nola</strong>

“My favourite part of PGL was during the giant swing activity, when we let go of the rope and it felt like I was flying” – <strong>Ashleigh</strong>

“My favourite activity was the quad biking, everyone whizzed around the track although we destroyed the cones!” – <strong>Thomas</strong>

“My favourite thing at PGL was the zipwire” – <strong>Jack</strong>

“The food was a close second because it was amazing but I loved the quad biking” – <strong>Millie</strong>


On Monday and Tuesday the children in Year 6 took part in a Bikeability course to teach them how to cycle safely on the road and we are delighted to say that they all passed Stage 1 and Stage 2 with flying colours! Congratulations to all of you.


On Monday children in Years 3/4 spent the day at Braeside Activity Centre. The children all took part in many activities and worked well in teams with children from Seagry and Christian Malford as well as with children from Walter Powell.

Some of the activities were low ropes, problem solving, survival skills and fire building and lighting.

The children all represented the school very well with fabulous manners and behaviour.

If you would like to see some photographs of the day, they are on display in the library for you to view.


Today the children in Key stage 2 are enjoying the Chippenham Folk Festival School Day.   During the day the older children learnt Longsword and African Welly Boot Dancing and the younger children learnt Border Morris and the Broom Dance.

Despite the wetter weather today, I have been informed they are all having a great time.

Also many congratulations to Andrew for winning this year’s badge competition.


On Monday afternoon children in Years 1 – 4 visited Malmesbury Secondary School and took part in the Orienteering Festival. All the children had great fun and represented the school very well.

<strong>WALK SAFE SESSIONS</strong>

On Wednesday morning the children in Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 took part in a Walk Safe lesson. They watched a short DVD and also practiced on a pretend zebra crossing in the school hall. The children in Year 3 practiced on the road outside school. We are hoping this will be an annual lesson to remind the children of being road aware and staying safe.


Thank you to everyone who attended Mrs Hickling’s special assembly on Thursday afternoon.

She was overwhelmed with the beautiful singing, prayers, poetry and performance from all the children. There wasn’t a dry eye in the school which just shows what a popular member of staff Mrs Hickling is to all of us. She will be missed by us all but hopefully from time to time she will pop into school to see the children and staff. Happy Retirement Mrs Hickling from all of us.

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Last weekend Nola, Ashleigh, Millie, Ella and Isla represented the school in the Netball Team at the Small Schools Tournament at Seagry School.

They all played with great enthusiasm and fantastic team spirit!


It was great to see all the children running / walking around the school playing field this afternoon helping to raise money for a school outdoor reflection area.

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<strong>EASTER SPECIAL SNACK</strong>

On Tuesday morning the children enjoyed an Easter themed special snack. The children ate Hot Cross Buns, Easter biscuits, Simnel cake and mini eggs whilst learning about why we eat these goodies at Easter. Thank you to SHASA for organising this, especially Mrs Woodman, Mrs Thomas and Mrs Hopley. It was a lovely end of term treat.
On Tuesday the children in Years 5 and 6 welcomed Wessex Set Point, an education company into school who led them in a Robotics Challenge Day. The children used Lego Mindstorms to build robots and program them to carry out missions on a specially designed themed mat.  The emphasis was on programming, control, problem solving and teamwork.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and as it was so successful we would hope that we can continue to invite them into school on an annual basis.

This afternoon the children took part in a circuit training session with Katrina Hart and enjoyed hearing about the Olympics and the challenges she has overcome. We hope the children were inspired by her visit and are able to tell you all about it at home.  Sponsorship forms were sent home before half term and all money raised goes towards the small cost of the athlete, sports equipment for our school and also towards GB Paralympics athletes.

<strong>WORLD BOOK DAY 2018</strong>

Unfortunately due to the snowy weather we were not able to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday last week in school.

However, we were delighted to receive many entries into the competition ‘Design your own Book Cover’ and these were judged independently today the winning children all won a Book Voucher to spend at WHSMITHS. Many Congratulations to Dylan, Sonny, Mia and Milo.

Earlier this week we issued two World Book Day vouchers to each child that entitles them to two free World Book Day books at various bookshops or £1.00 off per book of their choice between Monday 26<sup>th</sup> February and Sunday 25<sup>th</sup> March 2018.

<strong>DRUMMING ASSEMBLY</strong>

Thank you to all the children who played the drums for us during the assembly on Tuesday morning. They were all great and were all able to demonstrate their skills and talent to the school children and parent audience.

<strong>GYM FESTIVAL</strong>

On Monday afternoon twelve children from Key stage 2 represented the school at a Gym Festival in Malmesbury School / Activity Zone. All children competed in an individual floor routine and the vault. They all worked really well and performed with great professionalism and team spirit.  Congratulations to you all, however an extra special mention to Maxwell who jointly won the boys’ overall floor advanced sequence competition and to Thomas for achieving a third place in his advanced vault competition.

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<strong>CHRISTMAS JUMPER DAY</strong>

Everyone looked fabulous in their Christmas jumpers today. We are delighted to share that we raised £37.70 for Save the Children.  Thank you.

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<strong>A MIDWIFE CRISIS</strong>

I am sure you will all agree the children performed like true stars in their performance of ‘A Midwife Crisis’. The dress rehearsal to Key Stage 2 and other members of the community on Monday was perfect and we wondered if they had peaked too soon, but they gave another two fantastic performances on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon to full audiences.   All the hard work, learning lines, songs and where to stand on the stage was worthwhile to give everyone who watched it a very warm, festive type glow.

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On Wednesday morning Rev. Steve Wilkinson ran a series of Christingle making workshops with the children.

Once they were all made, the children sat in a large circle in the school hall with their lit Christingles and sang Shine, Jesus Shine and also said some prayers. Our thanks go to Waitrose in Malmesbury for kindly donating the oranges and to Steve for providing everything else!

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<strong>NETBALL FESTIVAL</strong>

On Wednesday afternoon children from Years 5 and 6 entered a Netball Festival at Malmesbury School. They all played with great enthusiasm, good team spirit and played a total of 5 games. They were joint 8<sup>th</sup> overall in the competition and should be very proud of their achievements. Miss Ketcher kindly coaches the children each week and she would like to congratulate Isla and Thomas who are the most improved players this year. They were awarded a certificate in celebration assembly today.
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Wow – what a fantastic performance by all the children in Key stage 2 this morning when they played their Ukulele’s to their audience.   The children in Key stage 2 enjoy their Ukulele lessons every Friday morning. We would like to thank Mr Garcia for teaching the children with so much enthusiasm every week.
Our children in Key stage 1, together with 4 children from Pre-school, thoroughly enjoyed their school trip to Westonbirt Arboretum on Wednesday. They were met by a member of staff from Westonbirt who taught them all about seasonal changes and how it affects our wildlife, trees and animals. After enjoying their packed lunches they had new energy to explore the new bridge which is as high as some of the trees and they all loved collected wood and building wigwam shelters to hide in. All the children were a real credit to our school with their excellent behaviour and polite manners.

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<h4>CHILDREN IN NEED 2017</h4>
It was wonderful to see all the children dressed up in their variety of ‘spotty’ clothing today. We are delighted to inform you that the children have raised £71.96 from their donations this morning and we are looking forward to raising even more money at the Children in Need Cake Sale this afternoon.  Thank you to the school council for all their hard work in running the cake sale.

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During Fleur Hitchcock’s visit to school she kindly officially opened our newly refurbished library area with the help from Jack N and Milo. It was wonderful to welcome a representatives from St Mary Land Trust and SHASA who contributed towards the cost of the refurbishment.

The children were all very excited to meet Fleur Hitchcock, a local children’s author, they all listened well and asked lots of interesting questions during their literacy workshops that she ran.

Many children ordered books for Fleur to sign during her visit and have been keen to start reading a new book.
The children all thoroughly enjoyed their class visits to the Life Education Van during the last week of term. This is a fantastic alternative learning experience for our children and we hope you also managed to take a look inside the van!

Our children in Key stage 2 thoroughly enjoyed their day at Sevington Victorian School this week.

They all looked fabulous in their Victorian clothes and it was reported that all the children were on their best behaviour for Miss Squire.

On arrival at the school the children had their hands and shoes checked by Miss Squire who informed some of the children that their nails were too long and would have to be cut shorter by the next day!

They took part in arithmetic and hand writing using the slates and pencil and ink pens and blotting paper. The girls and boys were taught separately (like in the Victorian times) for part of the day. The girls learnt about domestic duties (polishing and laundry) and also made lavender bags.

The boys learnt about bee keeping and made candles out of bee’s wax and also about an oil lamp in science. During playtime they all enjoyed discovering the Victorian toys and games.

Paige was able to try on the dunce’s hat, Sam tried the finger restraint, Nola was taught how to sit up straight and Thomas was taught how to stand up straight.

<strong>YEAR 3/4 TAG RUGBY FESTIVAL</strong>

This week is was the turn of the Year 3/4 team consisting of boys and girls to represent Walter Powell in a Tag Rugby Festival at Minety Rugby Club.

The team played six games in total and played with much enthusiasm, although they were unfortunate to lose their matches they remained in good spirits and most importantly they had a lot of fun and played very well as a team despite the wind and rain! We would like to thank all the parents who assisted with transporting to and from Minety for the event, without your support the children would be unable to participate.


All week the children have been enjoying our ‘Reflection’ themed art enrichment week.

During the week the children have experienced drawing selfies, 3D reflective city scapes, sunset reflections, Monet’s lily pads, spoon reflections and painted reflective flag bunting and pebbles. Some of the art produced this week will be used in decorating the outdoor shelter as we create our school reflective area. Our Art Exhibition on Friday afternoon gave the parents the opportunity to see what the children have been experiencing this week.

<strong>HARVEST FESTIVAL</strong>

We would like to thank you all for the generous donations today for Harvest Festival. It was great to see so many parents, grandparents and siblings this afternoon, I am sure you will agree the children performed extremely well and sang with much enthusiasm.  Thank you to the School Council for selling the produce after the service, we will advise you next week how much money was raised.

The school council chose Water Aid as the charity to receive our auction proceeds and the tinned produce will be donated to the Malmesbury &amp; District Foodbank.

<strong>YEAR 5/6 TAG RUGBY FESTIVAL</strong>

On Wednesday 4th October 7 children from Years 5 &amp; 6 represented the school in the Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Festival at Minety Rugby Club. They played 7 matches in total and drew 3, lost 3 and won 1 during the event. It was a great team effort and with no substitutes each match required a lot of energy and team spirit. They should all be very proud of their achievements,

We would like to thank Mr Stokes for coaching the team during the event and for the many parents who assisted with transport, without your support these events would not be possible to attend.

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<strong>YEAR 5/6 FOOTBALL FESTIVAL</strong>

On Monday 25th September 13 children from Years 5 /6 took part in a Football Festival in Malmesbury. The boys and girls competed in separate competitions against 6 local schools. They all played with great enthusiasm, good sportsmanship and represented the school very well indeed.

A trophy was awarded to the girls’ team for exceptional team spirit and effort and as this was the first time we have entered a girls’ team into this competition in many years!

Well done to all of you.

We would like to thank Mr Neville for kindly coaching the team and to all the parents for their assistance in transporting the children to and from the festival.



<strong>SCHOOL COUNCIL 2017/2018</strong>

The children have voted for their School Council representatives for the 2017/2018 academic year and the School Council is as follows:

Nola, Jack, Paige, Bobby, Mary, Ruby H, Jacob, Mia and Jack F.

<strong>SUMMER READING CHALLENGE 2017</strong>

Many Congratulations to the following children for completing the Summer Reading Challenge 2017:

Laurie, Sienna, Millie, Stanley, Ruby, Seren, Tanwen, Nola, Thomas, Arwen and Maxwell.


Hello to our new reception children, Isabella, Ruby, Daniel, Seren, Maggie, Milo and Isabel. We extend a very warm welcome to you and your families and we hope you enjoy your time at Somerfords’ Walter Powell.
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