Policies / GDPR

Somerfords’ Walter Powell Primary School has a comprehensive set of policies, which are regularly reviewed and updated.  Since converting to an academy in September 2015, many policies have been provided centrally by DBAT; others are produced locally.  A Joint Local Board has now been established, bringing together the governance of Walter Powell with that of Seagry and Christian Malford Primary Schools.  As local policies are reviewed, we are looking to bring them together across the three schools where it is appropriate to do so.

Please follow the links below to access our policies.


Learning and Teaching Policy

Able and Talented Policy

Calculation Policy

EYFS Policy

Geography Policy

History Policy

English policy

Maths Policy

Computing Policy

Physical Education (PE) Policy

Religious Education Policy

Sex Education Policy

Drugs Education Policy

Healthy Eating Policy

Homework Policy

PSHE & Citizenship Policy


Behaviour and Safeguarding

Behaviour and Discipline Policy

Anti-bullying Policy

Positive Handling Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection

E-Safety Policy

Use of Social Media Policy

Exclusions Policy


SEND and Equality

Special Educational Needs Policy

Equality Objectives 2016-20

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy

Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Plan

Equal Opportunities Policy



Safer Recruitment Policy

Staff Induction Policy

Exit Interview Policy

CPD Policy



2019-20 Admissions Policy

Pupil Attendance Policy

Complaints Policy

British Values Policy

DBAT Charging & remissions Policy

Data Protection Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

FOI Publication Scheme

Lettings Policy

Premises Management Policy

Local Board Member Visits Policy

Anti-Bribery Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Local Board Expenses Policy

DBAT Supporting pupils with medical conditions Policy


GDPR Letter to Parents from DBAT CEO

DBAT Privacy notice