About the Local Board

The governance of Walter Powell has been under a joint body with Seagry School for some years.  In January 2016, this Local Board was combined with that of Christian Malford Primary School and a new Joint Local Board was established.  All three schools are members of the Diocese of Bristol Academies Trust.

The Governance of the School is undertaken by the Directors and Trustees of DBAT, with specific duties and responsibilities being delegated to the Local Board, as set out in the Scheme of Delegation.  The Local Board meets six times a year and reports regularly to DBAT.

The new structure has created an opportunity for higher quality governance. With visibility and shared best practice across the three schools, the Joint Local Board has a more strategic perspective and is able to fully realise the benefits of school-to-school collaboration.

The Vision of the Local Board is:

To foster and develop successful Christian Schools by:

  • Creating a challenging curriculum in a nurturing environment where happy children learn to ‘fly’;
  • Enabling the children to develop moral values, confidence, resilience and ambition to achieve excellence so that at our schools children are ‘Learning, Listening and Laughing together’; and
  • Challenging and motivating staff to succeed in delivering inspiring teaching by encouraging working together across the schools, providing opportunities for continuous professional development and supporting them with regular, constructive and timely feedback.

For the latest Annual Governance Statement, sent to parents in July 2016, please click on the link below.

Annual Governance Statment

For details of the Local Board members, please click here.