Celebration of our Learning

Week commencing: 16th November 2020

We are improving our knot skills:

Den Building:

Our classroom displays are looking great:

Week commencing: 9th November 2020

Our topic in Key stage 1 is ‘Superheoes’ this term:

Mrs Candy our Class Teacher is always a Superhero, but she even looked like one today!

Numeracy in Reception and Key stage 1 thsi week:

Outdoor Learning in Key stage 1:

Key stage 2 Outdoor Learning:

Learning how to tie knots and build tripods:

Remembrance Day: Key stage 1 children made their own poppies and placed them in the ground. Rosie and Sonny represented the school at the war memorial and laid a wreath on behalf of the School and Pre-school.

Week commencing: 12th October 2020

Reception and Key Stage 1 Children:

Key stage 2 children:

Week commencing: 5th October 2020

Key stage 1 photos:

Key Stage 2:

Key stage 2 Statuettes of Viking Gods made out of clay:


Week commencing: 28th September 2020

Reception children learning the number 3:

Key stage 2 Outdoor Learning:

Key stage 2: Saxon Display:

Science Display:


Key stage 2 PE Lesson:

Week commencing: 21st September 2020

Key stage 1 having fun inside and outside:

Key stage 2 enjoying PE:

Dictionary Work:

Making Saxon walls with Wattle & Daub:


Science Lesson – Conductors & Insulators:

Week commencing: 14th September 2020

Reception discover sounds and numbers:

Key stage 2 – Outdoor Learning – Sour Dough Creatures!

This week we met Mrs Malia, she is our School ELSA:

In RE we learnt about Baptism and water:

We all listened well during our virtual assembly with Trevor Ranger:

This week we have enjoyed reading outside in the warm sunshine:

Week commencing: 7th September 2020

Our First Week at School:

Key stage 1 Outdoor Learning:

Key stage 2 Saxon Raiders:

Key stage 2 Outdoor Learning: