Who’s Who

For any queries about starting school, the admissions process or anything in general,

please contact Mrs Law or Miss Johns in the school office who will be able to help you.

Executive Principal – Mrs Jill Rowe

Head of School and Key Stage 2 Teacher – Miss Lisa Shibley

Year 3 & 4 Teacher – Mrs Sharon McQueen

Reception and Key Stage 1 Teachers – Mrs Elaine Hancock and Mrs Alison Candy

Higher Level Teaching Assistant and Assistant SENCO – Mrs Liz Hickling

Teaching Assistants – Mrs Colette Moody, Mrs Dawn Kirkman and Miss Mollie Hawker

School Business Manager – Miss Debbie Luter

School Administrative Officer – Mrs Sarah Law and Miss Su Johns

MDSA’s – Mrs Lorraine Drummond and Ms Soondri Slathia