OFSTED Report 

SIAMS Report.

The Vine Schools’ Aims

Our Vision is currently under review by stakeholders.

In the interim, our aim at the Vine Schools is is for all of our children to be given the opportunity to grow (whether that be spiritually, intellectually or personally) through our nurturing school community, a network of students, teachers, parents and the wider local communities of which the schools are part.

To enable this, we are crafting a curriculum that suits our wide range of need, and offers a broad, enriching educational experience for our children.

For more information about our curriculum, please click here.

The Vine Schools’ Values

G – Generosity

R – Respect

A – Acceptance

P – Perseverance

E – Empathy

S – Selflessness

For more information about our school values, please click here.

Examination Results

Please click here for our most recent examination results. Please click here for our place on national performance tables.

Academy Council

Our Academy Council local board meets at least 4 times a year. Please click here for more information.

Funding Plans

Our Pupil Premium spending plans are explore in full on this page.

Our Catch-up Premium plans can be found on this page.

Our PE Premium spending plans can be found on this page.


Our SEND policy and local offer, as well as useful links, can be found on this page.

SEND 2022-23 offer

Other Key Policies

DBAT Complaints Policy

The Vine Schools Behaviour Policy Sept 22

Full list of policies

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