The health, safety and well-being of all our children are of paramount importance to all of the adults who work at our school.   Our children have the right to protection, regardless of age, gender, race, culture or disability. They have a right to be safe in our school.

At Somerfords’ we respect our children. The atmosphere within our school is one that encourages all children to do their best. We provide opportunities that enable children to take and make decisions for themselves.

We have a comprehensive set of procedures in place that safeguard and promote the welfare of pupils.  These are informed by the Local Safeguarding Children Board and take full account of the guidance set out in Keeping Children Safe in Education.  All staff and Local Board members have received a copy of this guidance and updates are circulated when they are released.

All staff in school have been cleared using the Wiltshire Disclosures DBS service.  Any regular visitor to school (such as peripatetic music tutors, volunteers, sports coaches or anyone who runs a club either during lunchtime or after school) will have also been cleared through this process.

All staff and volunteers are made aware of our Safeguarding policy and procedures and any updates as they are released.

The designated senior person for child protection and safeguarding is Mrs J Rowe.  Miss L Shibley is the Deputy Safeguarding Lead.

The designated Local Board member is Mrs Shirley Palmer.

The Local Board reviews and updates its Child Protection Policy annually.  To view the policy, please click here.